Saturday, April 11, 2009

Heading South

We are enjoying the beautiful scenery of Costa Rica through the plate glass of the airport in San Jose, while waiting for our next flight to Lima, Peru ( and then Santiago, Chile). There are a LOT of people here. And we are noticing that children from around the world are all the same! You have your a) incessant talkers, b) jumpers, c) cry babies and those that d) sing everything and all the time (sometimes they are the normal variant of Species A.
We debated wandering out to the city for a look around, but that would involve hauling our carry-ons around and having just enough time to find a quick bite to eat before rushing back through security. So we are chilling here and people watching, eating junk food and taking advantage of the free wireless internet.
Well, hope everyone has a great weekend and joyous Easter Sunday.

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