Saturday, April 25, 2009

First Fruits

These are the first fruits from the orchard of one of the volunteers at the church at Mactzul I. He gave us two bags of peaches and plums---yea!!!! The only thing as great as the rainy season is the plum season--they are like big Bing cherries.
Clinic in Mactzul I was good today. Several non-christians came, giving us a chance to minister to them and pray with them. I also talked to the father of the little boy that we sent to the ER with a severe pneumonia. He said they took him in and indeed put in a chest tube. He appreciated our prayers saying that his son was scared being in there.
Our favorite little monkeys were at clinic today and as always asking for a "foto" and a "calcomania"--a sticker! Here are a couple of good shots.

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Mo&We said...

Hi Loves, I am home again and catching up on your blog. Loved the pictures of the children and you - how cute! And the sweet picture of Claire. We love hearing of your work, so thanks for the news. Love, Mama