Sunday, April 30, 2017

Remember Your Creator in the Days of Your Youth...

Today we worshiped with the youth group from the Xepocol Church of Christ and the Oklahoma Christian University team.  Spending time with this great group of brothers and sisters, we were reminded of Jesus' promise that the gates of Hades would not prevail against His church. It seems like at least once a week we read an article about how this generation of young adults is leaving the church in record numbers.  There are fears that churches will die off and that no one will be left to share the good news to the world.
But as brother Dave Mellor shared last night, the church will live on and grow because of believers like these young Christians from two different countries who are full of love for God and others.
In addition to getting join in on some new praise songs, we were encouraged by Brother Noe Chan to fully sacrifice our lives for God to use, so that we can discover His spiritual gifts for us and realize our full potential and purpose in this world. It was an uplifing message for all of us as Kemmel translated for the group as well.
After worship we shared some group games of Ninja and "El Rey Pide" before chowing down on pizza for lunch.  It was a great morning of fellowship!
Joining us this year is journalist Erik Tryggestad from the Christian Chronicle.  He did several interviews of local members, and we look forward to reading his reports and thoughts in upcoming articles.
Getting ready to worship together.

Group of youth leaders from the Xepocol Church of Christ

Nathan leading some English hymns.

Xepocol singing group--unplugged.

Crazy games of Ninja!
Catching on to it.

One more game...

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