Saturday, April 22, 2017

Good Times with Abilene Christian University

In March we enjoyed a week with a team from Abilene Christian University, Kemmel's alma mater. They did a great job helping us knock out some more well child checkups for our ABC kids in the Highlands and also helped paint one of our clinic sites and deliver water filters.  Some of the most enthusiastic comments came from the team members who got to deliver Tiva water filters to new ABC families.  This involved hiking, visiting, and setting up the filter and demonstrating how to use it to the families. They also had Drs. Sky and Louise Forrister join us, which was fun because they had been interns here back in the 80s with Dr. Mike and Julie Kelly.  So it was a little homecoming of sorts. Good job, Wildcats!
Diana getting a game started

David checking vital signs in mobile clinic

The Forresters and us

Hauling the equipment back to the trucks after a long day.

Hailey prepping patients at Clinica Caris

On the road again

Tiva water filter with one of our new ABC families

Pass the tamalitos please!

"How tall am I?"

Fellowship with local Xepocol youth group

Drs. Mike Kelly, and Louise and Sky Forrester

Our clinic building in Mactzul I is an old school building--we got a fresh coat of paint!

Time for some hiking to install water filters with new ABC families

Teaching family how the Tiva filter is set up


Sheri said...

Great blog! Looks like you had a good time and accomplished a lot................way to go, my friends!

Kemmel and Lisa Dunham said...

thanks, Sheri!