Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Prenatal Care

One of the patient populations that we serve is women of childbearing age.  We see a large number of women for prenatal care and follow-up after delivery.  
Many of our patients deliver at home with the help of a lay midwife from their community, and our goal is to identify the patients that are at high risk for complications.
We offer education on nutrition, warning signs in pregnancy, and breastfeeding with each of our expectant moms and round out the visit with a prayer for their safety and development as a parent.
Anyone who presents with diabetes or elevated blood pressure or breech presentation during their pregnancy gets referred to the National Hospital for care and delivery.  
If all is well we gift them a Clean Delivery Kit with supplies for their midwife and a change of clothes for the baby. 

We love taking care of our prenatal patients, and they appreciate the attention and prayers that we offer on their behalf.   It is such a blessing when they proudly bring back their newborns for a visit.

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