Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Clinic in Saquilla

So our day started out pretty normal except my friend and area physical therapist, Jennifer hitched a ride out with me to mobile clinic out in Saquilla for a change of pace.  She had in mind working on some education material but ended up helping take vital signs and registering patients when the rest of our team called to say that they had been in a fender bender and would be late. Thankfully everyone was fine and made to clinic eventually. We were grateful for Jennifer's help to get us started.
So, after a slow start we got patients back for consults and dental work.  While Tomas took the truck for a check up Enrique was working double time as pharmacy, lab and translator--it was a crazy day! I used the little Kiche I know to get through a few consults---not too bad. We saw the usual diabetics in various stages of control, a young lady with a pelvic mass, a young mom afraid she might be pregnant after losing the second of two babies from premature labor, lots of bronchitis and some pneumonia.
It was a good day, and one of the patients stopped to say thank you--for the prayers.

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