Sunday, March 1, 2015

ABC Updates

Kemmel and Cesar have been working hard to get us ready for our first round of well-child checkups for the ABC program.  We have two spring break teams from Harding University and Oklahoma Christian University coming this month to help.
We kicked off the checkup season on Saturday in Chuchipaca II, with Sheri.  She also laid down the law on hand washing, letting them know that a fouth of their medical checkup points would be at risk at their next appointment if they had long nails or dirty hands.  That got everyone's attention!

J.E.--At 6 years old, she already knows what she wants to do someday--"I want to be a doctora."

Kemmel has  also working with the local coordinators and scholarship students to plan out the tutoring program for this year.  While we have seen a definite decrease in kids failing out, we are always looking for ways to encourage parents and kids to take advantage of the tutoring sessions.
Our local public schools are overpopulated and are lacking in books and study materials, and in our area, kids are struggling with Spanish as a second language.  We see so few excel in school, and those who want to go on to University are poorly prepared to pass the entrance exams.
So we keep plugging along and trying new ideas and incentives!  Kemmel and Cesar have been organizing the scholarship students to sign up for a community that doesn't have graduates and provide homework review sessions for kids. Be praying for inspiration and patience as we work to change the culture of education around here.

W.Q. growing up and studying hard.  His family puts a lot of importance on education. 

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