Sunday, March 1, 2015

4x4 Cervcial Cancer Screenings

Iglesia de Cristo building in La Palma
Since starting the cervical cancer screenings in the communities, we have been getting calls from other churches asking for the service.  Sheri has been going out to local ladies' classes and giving the low-down on cervical cancer and prevention, and then asking them to get list of interested folks. As soon as they have 15 on the list, we program a clinic.

The last clinic we had was out in La Palma--way out in the mountains.  We drove an hour and 40 minutes, taking the newly cut side road to the church building--well, almost to the building.  We still had to haul our stuff up the hill about 25 yards.  But when we got there, the men of the church greeted us and said, "you sisters go on up, and we'll carry the stuff--don't worry."
Packing it down after clinic.  The kids helped out too.

The building is small and basic, but clean.  No electricity and sometimes no water.  But we had windows and flashlights to get the job done!
Water can be scarce sometimes in the dry season.  They were prepared for us though, with enough to fill our sterilation buckets.

Mobile Gyn set-up--very handy, except when a few general consult patients come in.  That always gets a few wayward glances!

We were treated like royalty, provided with buckets of water for our sterilization process, and after seeing patients, treated to a steak and beans and rice and tortillas lunch with soft drinks all around.  I am always blown away at how hospitable and generous people are even in the humblest of churches.  What an honor to serve with these brothers and sisters in their communities!

Enrique and Maria's family minus their oldest (recently married son).

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