Sunday, March 1, 2015

I Once Was Blind...and Now I Drive!

A. is a patient out in one of our mobile clinics.  He has been diabetic for years and for the last two years began to suffer with very advanced cataracts. He was completely blind except for faint light perception.  Several times we tried to get him referred to visiting ophthalmology teams, but each time his blood sugar was too high to operate.  So we finally convinced him and his family to add insulin to his regimen.  Well, he got the sugars down, and was able to get in with the Project Salud y Paz team in nearby Camanchaj.
That was in November.  Ever since his surgery he has been openly praising God, the Salud y Paz clinic, our clinic, and telling anyone who will listen about his recovery. He is always sitting patiently on the "waiting room" porch chatting it up with the other patients and re-telling his miracle story. I think his testimonies are the reason for the sudden surge in patient census out there the last couple of months. 
Saturday he came by to show me his insulin bottle which was looking pretty cloudy.  We decided on a trial of time without insulin to see how he does.  Normally he comes with an entourage of family members guiding him and making sure he's okay.  This time he drove up himself in his pickup! (Of course we talked about going to get his vision checked before getting his license renewed--but he's "very careful and drives slowly on the backroads only!") How wonderfully free he must feel to have his sight back.  Thank you, Lord for your mercy!

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Sheri said...

Lisa, I had not seen this post before tonight and so glad that I found it! This is such a great story and so excited that Antonio can see........what a blessing for him and his family!!