Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring Breakers

Organizing the Tiva water filters components to deliver.

 I know there is a somewhat negative connotation to the term Spring Breakers, but I have to brag on the ones that came down and spent their time off to work with us in our clinics and ABC ministry.  We were honored to host the Harding University team of health science students (PA, nursing, pharmacy, pre-med) led by Gary Hill, PA-C.  Dr. Brian Cress also joined us, offering his pediatric expertise for the week of well-child check-ups for the kids in the ABC program.
Our second visiting team was from Oklahoma Christian University led by Eric Phelps. Most were also pre-health science students and we put them to work on well-child checkups as well as water filter delivery to the ABC families.  We were blessed to have Drs. Debbie and Owen Corwen joining our dental teams and Drs. Neil Roberts and Zann McMahan helping out in clinic, and Matt Anderson translating.  We also enjoyed spending time with Dave and Susan Mellor for both teams!  It was a busy two weeks of heights and weights and screening exams and health education!

Visiting in Paxot II

This guy couldn't wait to show us his clean fingernails and hands!  And he wants to be a lawyer when he grows up.
Hannah is about to get a very unpleasant susrprise--this is a cashew fruit.  
This beautiful, luscious looking fruit smells like a rotting corpse. 
Former MET student extraordinaire, Laura Wilson shows everyone how you tie down the load! 

Assembling Tiva filters in the homes. The students studied the instructions before coming down and were able to get them set up quickly.

Pharmacy stop after check-up

K'iche' to Espanol to English to Espanol to K'iche'.  It takes a while to get the history!

Pet squirrels at one of the ABC family's house.

New water filter!  We asked mom if the kids were using the filtered water and she said, "They love the water!  It's all they drink now.  They don't even ask for coffee or kool-aid!

With both teams we were able to cover all of our ABC communities (15 churches) for the year's first check-up. We want to give everyone a big THANK YOU for offering up your time to be here and serve with us.  We got a lot done!

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