Friday, January 30, 2015

Snapshots of Our Day

Today was a cold, windy, cloudy day with teams out in Mactzul I, Panajxit and our central office in Chichicastenango.  Here are a few snapshots of the day.
We had a good turnout at our new central clinic out in Mactzul with patients coming from several different communities.
Cesybel using our new blood pressure cuffs donated by Debra Blessner--they are anti-shock!

 One of the local church elders came by to see how things were going.  We enjoyed talking about his machete and local superstitions like people who wander around in the the night looking to chop of heads of unfortunate souls who stay out too late!
Brother Pedro Calel sporting his machete--"handy for whatever might present itself in the road like dogs or snakes or other menaces!"
We had Sheri with us doing great patient education today on everything from ear wax removal at home, prenatal care, and diabetic diet, to diarrhea prevention and nutrition and hygiene.  Our intern Mitch Ramsey is getting to be a pro at seeing our patients, taking special care to describe just how bad the metronidazole will taste and how to get it down!  Apparently being a patient himself helps a doctor be a little more empathetic! 
The junior high classes going on next to our clinic were full of about 15 kids.  Not bad for first year.  There appear to be about 7 girls enrolled, which makes us so happy to see.  They start a 1:00 and were on their recess when we headed out.
The junior high parking lot.  Notice they have no qualms parking in front of the clinic door.  I'm going to have to get a no parking sign!
Kemmel and Cesar (our ABC coordinator) have been working on ABC applications for new families/kids and getting everyone set up with school supplies for the new year.  It's a hectic job with lots of phone calls involved and coordination of 14 different churches, but they have pretty good system going on.
This handsome guy came by to get his picture taken for his ABC sponsorship application.
We found out as well, that our patient with breast cancer, Agustina passed away this morning.  She and her husband are Christians but the rest of their family is not, so we will pray for consolation for her husband and children and also for the rest of the family to come to know Christ, to have the same hope of resurrection one day. 

Gaspar got this shot of neighbors coming by to visit the family and leave grain sacks full of donated food for Agustina's family.

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