Monday, January 26, 2015

Grocery Shopping

There are a lot of things that are difficult to find in our little neck of the woods, but fresh meat and produce are not some of them.  Grocery shopping has always been one of my (Lisa's--not Kemmel's!) favorite things to do and it is even more fun here in the market.  We have so many fruits, vegetables and interesting things here and at fantastic prices!  While back in the States, it was painful to buy broccoli at $2.99 a pound.  In Chichicastenango, a head of broccoli as big as your head costs $0.50 and a cabbage bigger than your head costs $0.60.   We are truly blessed around here and can't claim to be suffering on the mission field when it comes to food buying!
Our butcher and his wife.  You always get fresh meat with this guy.  None of that scary packaged stuff from the grocery store that turns on you after two days.

One of our many fruit vendors who also sells fruit cups for $0.60!  It's also the start of mango season--yummy!

Avocado sesason has started!  And looks like strawberries  are good right now--just be sure you clean all those pesky amoebas off first!

Mangos on the far left, oranges, cuchines, and zapotes. Here is a good website for Guatemalan botanical info if you are interested: Maya Ethnobotany

Blue corn tortillas.  Here they call them black tortillas--a real treat as they are softer.  Tortillas are sold by the Quetzal. So Q1 (about $0.12) will get you 4 tortillas.

Just one of the endless rows of vendors on Sunday market day.  Notice the knife salesman peddling to the produce lady.

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Sheri said...

Lisa and Kemmel, great photos! Thank you but I will pass on the strawberries. I am scared of amoebas! But I visit the mango lady almost on a daily basis. She will cut and slice two fresh mangos for 66 cents! And that even includes a toothpick :)