Saturday, January 17, 2015

Our push for cervical cancer screenings in the area has really taken off this month. The trucks are packed to the gills with our regular mobile clinic supplies as well as our rustic GYN setup.

Maury, Cesy, Angelica and Dra. Sara at the Chutzerob I Iglesia de Cristo

Me, Cesy, Sheri and Maria in Mactzul I--Nothing like pelvic exams on a cold rainy day! (I borrowed this pic from Sheri--thanks!)
 We have four mobile women's health clinics scheduled this month, and the ladies have been very receptive.  A big thanks to Sheri for going out and giving classes on the need for cancer screening.  She has lined up several communities for us who are ready with a list of ladies signed up already!   Yesterday Sheri and I went out with Cesy and Maria to Mactzul I.  It was a great day!  Sara and the girls tackled Chutzerob on Wednesday with great results as well.

Our massage table/mobile exam table, outfitted with the GYN package.
Vinegar, flashlight, cervical swabs and speculums--cheap and effective!

 It is still shocking sometimes to find women in their 40s and 50s who have never had a pap smear or any kind of pelvic exam.  It's frustrating is when they tell you they have had a pap before, but the doctor/nurse lost the sample, so they never found out the result.   And even more disappointing is seeing patients like the 47 year old woman we saw this week with advanced cervical cancer who can only be offered palliative care now.
High-level disinfection station.  A series of washes and bleach solutions for on-the-field disinfection of instruments.

Tight spaces in the Sunday school room, but it worked.  

The new rapid screening test we are offering (VIAA) has been well received, and the ladies are more than pleased when we give them the results on the spot with a written report to take home, not needing a follow-up appt. or a phone call in a month.  And the best part is, they were able to walk to clinic rather than pay for a ride into town!
It's been a good start to the year and we all happy to be a part of this work.  Thanks to all of our supporters who make this mobile service possible for our rural patients!

Moral support--Everyone sharing their past experiences with the ones who are new to this.


Sheri said...

Yes, it is very interesting to have ladies arrive for their first-ever screen. Ilove the quick results and not having to return for three years!! I think we are making some progress :)

Miss G said...

Hello, I am a member of Eastside and was just checking out your blog. This is fascinating! What wonderful things you are able to do on site. Wow! May God continue to lift you and these beautiful people up and be glorified through you! Kelly