Monday, January 26, 2015

Invited Guests

Congratulations Tomasa Chan Mejia! 
We got to be the invited guests to a special lunch for one of our graduating scholarship students.  Tomasa Chan Mejia from Xepocol had us and Dra. Sandra and several extended family over for a nice lunch before church.  We enjoyed some good company and food and then worshiped together with the local church. Her family was so thankful for the scholarship and the support from Health Talents and her church and family.

More hot tamalitos, anyone?
Good eats!

I'm always impressed that they can cook for 20+ people on such a compact space! Tamalitos, rice, water for beverages, chile.

Open fire pit cooking for the chicken guisado.

The road we took to Xepocol--we should send this to Mitsubishi and Toyota for a 4x4 commercial idea! You kind of need to use 4-Low on this one.


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