Friday, June 6, 2014

Working Hard

Just a few pictures of the students this month.  I told them I had to get some more action shots or people would think that all they do is drink coffee and hang at the missionaries' house all month!

We've been out at clinics all week and yesterday the students held a health fair in Chichicastenago offering blood pressure, weight and blood sugar checks.  They had 49 folks come by and referred 7 to Dr. Sara for followup near by.  They were excited to do the work and did a good job promoting our new central clinics!

 Taylor, aka "Tay-tay" apparently was the photographer in all of these.  I'll have to sneak a few of him today.

Kelsey and Shelby--just two girls from Kentucky healing the sick and afflicted in the Smokey Mountains of Guatemala.

Laura, Paulina and Tyler trying to convince this nice lady that "it won't hurt a bit".

Laura saving lives on the streets of Chichicastenango

Tyler zeroing in on his next victim while Laura works the glucometer.

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