Sunday, June 1, 2014

Home Sweet Home

We got the MET kids into their homes safe and sound!  Everyone got to see where each other lives and get oriented to their surroundings. The host families were waiting to welcome them in and greet the team with refreshments (yes, 3 out of 6 houses served us bread and coffee!) as we went house to house with suitcases.  Tyler, Paulina and Kelsey are in Paxot II.  Laura, Shelby and Taylor are in Mactzul V. Get ready for the adventure!
Kitchen door at Juan and Lucia's house

Tyler in his new pad at Carlos and Marina's house--"there's enough room in here for me do exercises".

Paulina all set up at Juan and Lucia's house--get ready for some crazy times at that house!

Kelsey in the Library/Guest room at Manuel and Juana's place.  

Laura at her more-than-spacious room at Jeronimo and Juana's house--get ready for some gardening with this family!

Taylor in his new bach pad at Tomas and Juana's villa--complete with guitar and microwave!

Shelby in her staged shot (I didn't get her picture at her front door) at Sebastian and Dominga's place--the best bed and toilet on the block!

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