Thursday, June 19, 2014

MET Life

I see that we haven't posted any pictures of our second group of students.  Everyone is for the most part healthy--maybe a little hungry but otherwise happy.  We have had some clinic time, market time, World Cup time, team fellowship, education time and church fellowship.  Overall we've had long days and have just a few more to try and pack in as many medical evangelism experiences as possible.  Here's some proof of life pics for their families!
John instilling confidence in his patient Nathan

We get to suture!   Sasha and Abby ready to get started!
Elizabeth not sure she should have signed up for this.

John supervising Nathan's work.

Jordan trying to save her patient's amputated foot.

John saving lives.

Abby working on getting those stitches to stay in!

Elizabeth saving her pig's foot!

Sasha making those stitches look good.

Coffee time at the Vintage at a fellowship wishing Marcos the best as he
embarks with his private dental clinic in Santa Cruz del Quiche

World Cup action--NOT!

Witnessing a birth

Beautiful Lemoa

Tomas helping clean the plates!

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