Sunday, November 17, 2013

Random Pics

 ABC High School graduate - Brenda and her happy parents
 Noe - future Physical Therapist - current #1 in his class!
 November HTI Crew
 Guatemala National Flower - Orchid -  Monja Blanca
 This is what we are about - encouraging hope in our faith
 Developing life-long mentorships
 Providing opportunities for young people to better their lives
 developing Christian leaders of the future
 improving the experience of life
 developing family relationships
 providing young families a means to encourage schooling and health for their children
 Teaching and encouraging better dental hygiene and restorations with responsibility
 Changing timid children into interactive children
 Before these children from a remote village would stand-off to the side and watch and not interact, now they are changing and becoming more outgoing and interactive with people they have never met.

 We even got a few to kind of smile....

 These 2 young girls are our stars of dental hygiene.  They are the daughters of a young widow whose husband died of cancer.

 Happy ABC family with 2 girls going to high school and next year 2 kids in middle school as well.
Last but not least - Thanks for the donation of the fishing tackle box for the dentists!  These are great!

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