Wednesday, November 13, 2013

HTI Group - ABC Clinics and Clinic in Chuchuca

This past week we had a group of physician, dentist, nurse, and non-medical volunteers join us to assist with clinics of the ABC children and normal community clinics.  We did not get many photos, but you can also visit Sheri's website for other photos -  .
On Saturday around 18 people consisting of US volunteers and Guatemala staff headed up to the villages of Chuchuca and Xejox to host the clinics and to spend the night.  We had a great 2 clinics, got to spend more time in fellowship with the brothers and sisters of the area, and enjoyed the excitement of the kids in those 2 communities. 
One of our goals this year is to reduce the amount of children who fail their grade and we are off to a good start!  Last year we had over 50 children fail their grade and this year we think we may have less than 15 and maybe less than 10!  In Chuchuca, which is one of the more remote villages we had no one fail!  Not sure about Xejox yet, but will know soon enough.  We also had 100% pass in the community of La Palma and only 2 not pass in the community of Paxot 2.  In Paxot 2, at mid year we had almost 6 failing so we consider that a win!

Here are some pics of the clinic in Chuchuca.

Sandra and Micaela and ABC student Marta helping with suction

 Pedro P helping with suction as well.  Pedro is one of the first in middle school and continues to do well with a greater than 85% average.
 This is the younger Pedro, in 6th grade and normally a A student.

 We put the miniseries Bible on the wall with a projector and explained it was in English and they would not understand what was being said but they were still glued to the show and telling us about the stories.
This area has been affected by quite a bit of rain so we are glad we did not make the trek 2 weeks ago or we would have had a bunch of mud!  One time  more than a year ago our team got stuck about 4 times on the way up to the villages.

 Beautiful views

More mud, but almost dry, thank the Lord.

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Great photos! You guys did a great job!