Friday, November 1, 2013

Graduation and Church Conference Season

We have entered into the graduation and church conference season here in the area of Quiche.  Many days are filled with either attending a local conference, a graduation ceremony or a graduation celebration lunch.  No dinners here, all is during the lunch time in the afternoon.

The other day Gaspar, Tomas and Kemmel attended the graduation ceremony for some of the ABC students and scholarship students graduating as elementary school teachers.  We had 4 graduates this year, 1 only in the scholarship program, 1 only in ABC and 2 in the ABC program and Scholarship program.  329 students graduated and Gaspar told me that 14 graduated from his community of Xepocol.  That is pretty amazing, that 10 years ago, it would have been 0 and now it is up to 14 this year, 8 last year, and more in the years to come, all from the same community.

Here are some pictures (most are not very good which means I should not look for a job as a photographer!)

Pretty large crowd, by the end all of the seats were full.

 Tomas, scholarship student receiving his diploma

 Marvin on the right with his diploma.  First in the family to graduate.
 Brothers Julio and Tomas graduating together.
 Santos David on the right

 Juan Sebastian
Juan Sebastian and his proud parents - This is child # 2 to graduate from this family.

 Santos David (he always looks so excited!)  Also # 2 graduate for this family.  Santos David hopes to continue to medical school and is waiting to take one more exam.

 Marvin with his proud family - His dad Pedro was one of the first to begin the churches of Christ in the area.  Mom and dad were both in tears.

Another picture of brothers Julio (left) and Tomas (right)

 Party at Julio's and Tomas's house - Julio in pink shirt

 Julio and Tomas with mom and dad on left and
a friend of the family (Tomas has the grey t-shirt)
Receiving council from the elders of the family
All in all a good week!


Sheri said...

Great story and photos!!

Unknown said...

God is merciful with his Children and use many ways for do it. I´m pretty proud being part of International Health Talents and schoolarship program.