Monday, January 21, 2013

What a week

We spent last week down at Clinica Ezell so I (Lisa) and the other docs could study and practice sonography with a visiting ultrasound tech, Chad Stacey.  I have to say it was every bit as complicated as I imagined!  But by the end of the week I was beginning to get the hang of some things. We announced that we were offering ultrasounds so we could get some practice, and boy did we get practice!  The last day we had at least 20 people show up (keep in mind that it took at least 30 minutes for us to work through all the organs we want to see!)  I am so thankful for Chad and his wife Leann (a nurse) coming down so we could have this opportunity.  I am also grateful for all the work that Kemmel did to write the grant for the ultrasound unit we received from the SonoSite sompany who donated the machine.  We also received a donation from doctor friends of ours to purchase ultrasound transducers. So now we are ready for action!

Meanwhile back at the ranch...Chichicastenango had a day of outrage on Wednesday over alledged embezzlement on the part of the mayor.  There were houses burned down, roads closed  and manifestations demanding he step down.  The government sent helicopters and military in to try to keep the peace. Our staff had to park vehicles at a local hotel because they were forced to stop and turn around.  So far there have not been anymore violent manifestations, but there have been meetings in local communities trying to get a petition signed for his removal.  We'll see what this week brings, and for now we will try to stay on the down-low!

After getting home on Friday we had a class for the ABC coordinators on oral hygeine.  Maury and Martina and Manuel gave the class on proper brushing and flossing and the reason for doing so.  Then we practiced after rinsing with dye to show all of the food between our teeth--gross! It went over well and Kemmel talked to the coordinators about the goals we have this year for the ABC kids and improved oral hygiene. 

That evening we crashed in our recliners and enjoyed some down time with our sweet cat. She must have missed us because she has been glued to our sides all weekend.  It's nice to be home!

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