Friday, January 25, 2013

Pictures of recent activities

This is the HTI Highlands team through Jan 2013 - everyone except Sheri - we always are missing at least one person when we have our photo ops.  Josue, far right in front, started medical school this month and we have a scholarship graduate, Maria Cecibel, who will replace him this year.  Her plans are to continue on to nursing school the following year.  We also have a new employee this year who is Cesar (not pictured).  Cesar is a teacher and will be involved with the ABC program and education.

We are very proud of and blessed to work with each of these people.  The "old" guys are all deacons or elders and leaders in their communities.  The professional staff are all very involved in their local churches and we are excited that all of the younger team members continue to enhance their knowledge by studying on the weekends, one accounting in university, 2 are in adult education to finish middle school and high school and want to continue to dental school and one teaching in university.  

Please continue to pray for the ministry team in 2013. 

People from Chichi blocking the highway in protest of actions taken or not taken by the mayor.  All is calm for now.

Pictures from the dental hygiene classes with the ABC coordinators and staff.  The class was lead by Mauri and Martina with Manuel explaining why having teeth cleanings with a cavitron is important.

Martina in action

Agustin from La Palma and Juan from Mactzul I checking out the results.

Everyone flossing! 

Sandra's mom also participated in the class. 

Kemmel and Enrique in action and even, Anastacio Alvarez, an elder from Pacaja Xesic took part in the action.  All in all, a good day!

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Cheryl said...

There is a lot of flossing going on down there. It looks like fun, but I dont know about the dye test. Love reading your blog and seeing the pics. Love you both.