Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hit the Ground Running

Well we are definitely back into the swing of things!  We have had some good clinics and lots of new patients which is a good sign that the churches are still announcing the clinic and patients are telling their friends about us.  This week Kemmel and the dental team have been working hard to get all of the ABC kids and their families in for a check up and one-on-one education on oral hygeine and dental health.  It has been hard work and long days, but so far they have had great comments from the parents. It is not glamourous work, but we think it will impact their health and hopefully save money in the future. 

On a humorous note, the dentists decided to try food coloring to help stain the food particles left behind in the kids' and parents' mouths and show them how to brush better, and it worked great!  But Kemmel said everyone walked out of the church with bright purple or red lips and mouth!

My favorite medical consult this week is a patient of mine who has been married 3 years and struggling with infertility.  She came in accompanied by her sister-in-law, complaining with nausea, headache and breast soreness and a missed period for two weeks.  Of course we offered her a pregnancy test and it turned out positive.  The funny thing is her little 1-yr-old niece has been coming up to her for the last week and pointing at her chest and asking to breastfeed! She and her sister-in-law were so excited when they left--something I don't see here very often.  God is good!

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