Monday, February 20, 2012

Clinica Caris

Here are some update photos for the expansion of Clinica Caris.  We are adding 3 additional rooms that will allow for the following:

1. Extra dental operatory / dental x-ray
2. Medical Clniic that does not double as kicthen sink :)
3. Separate sterilization instead of part of the bodega and next to the fridge.  :)
4. New Bodega which frees up space for dental.
5.  New area to house and demonstrate community development items
6.  Dental Hygenist clinic room for promoters - currently normally do outside.

Then we have improved our drainage systems, added additional tile to the walls for protection, added a retaining wall and added thick stucco for outside wall protection.  We look forward to a new dentist and dental assistant within a month.  Great times and as always God is good.

Still some challenges ahead to make plans and finish before we put everything to use, but we look forward to the new services we will be able to deliver.

Addition is on right of building

 Closer look - each window represents a room.

From the backside just looks like a wall, but we have added on 25% or more.

 Small retaining wall.  Previous wall was adobe but was falling apart.

Thick stucco to protect bottom of walls.

Large drainage system to take away rain water from foundation

New storage room

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