Sunday, February 5, 2012

ABC Celebration 2nd day

Here are some photos from the second day of the ABC Celebration in December 2011 - Thanks Eastside Church of Christ!!  Never did get a group photo either day....

Deep into the task! 

Prayer Time after finishing their prayer books with Adam.

8-10 year old girls coloring

Josefina and Kelly talking about the empty tomb.

Little Erica from Mactzul I praying.

Twins from Mactzul I

Boys from Chuchuca - always unforgettable and excited! 

Lisa and the widow moms from Mactzul I - They all live together - minus Lisa of course.  :)

2nd Day prize winners

Violeta with the widow moms from Mactzul I

Gate guards - trying to keep everyone in! and not running to the fair.


Luis and Marcos leading singing

The drama volunteers!!!  Awesome!

Local missionary family - The Montgomery's - coming to help

Another great day!!

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