Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Change is happening around here.  That's usually a pretty good thing in our minds, but it does make for a very busy time.  Our clinic building is coming along with the new add-on of  a dental clinic and storage and kitchenette space (so we don't have to wash and stack dished in the extra exam room!). Also, we have hired a new health promoter (Enrique) and are looking for another one to add to the team.  We have the luxury of knowing many qualified people to choose from who already volunteer in our community clinics. Right now we are waiting to hear back from one guy to see if he interested in the job.  In addition, we just hired a new dentist who will greatly help us expand our services in the area.  She seems like a mature Christian and has a desire to serve in the ministry.  With a new dentist comes a new dental assistant, so Kemmel is interviewing people for that.  We are thankful that God has provided the resources to expand like this and look forward to starting outreach clinics in new communities with the help of area churches. 
So please be praying for us as a team to work well with our new members and be effective as we evangelize the area.

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