Monday, October 31, 2011

Around the House

Today was a good day to get cought up on some things.  Kemmel worked getting the trucks in for maintenance and on some last minute details for our visting team that gets in Wednesday. I washed and rehung all of our dusty curtains and sheers, folded about 4 loads of laundry that had reached the armchair's breaking point and made a lasagna for tonight's dinner.  I've been working on using up what's in the freezer and fridge as we will have about a week of eating out with the team and in the city.  Our local butcher always puts cilantro bundles in with the meat and if I don't remember, I end up freezing with the meat. Let's just say frozen cilantro isn't the most appetizing-looking.  But, it does work great in soup.
We have a little cat that is about 6-7 months old now and she is a real cutie.  We named her Fifi, which was our first cat's name--I know, not very original. But it just seems to fit.  She also has quite an ornery side.   We let her come in the house in the mornings and evenings to eat and sometimes to sleep if it's cold and we're feeling sorry for her, but she spends the rest of the time outside.  This morning Kemmel opened the front door to a mess of vomited-up chicken skin and furballs.  I'm assuming it was somebody's tossed-out processed chicken parts rather than a neighbor's chicken as there were not feathers mixed in. Let's hope!
Tomorrow is All Saint's Day--a pretty big deal around here.  We'll be driving to the city to pick up Dr. Ruben's sister Jessica (dentist) and his fiance Sandra (physician) who will be working with our visiting group.  Hopefully the traffic will be manageable and the movie theaters and restaurants will be open!

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