Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cold and Rainy

It's a cold and rainy October day here, perfect for an education day, except that we kept getting splashed-on on our covered porch/class room.  But, everyone was a good sport and we had a great day learning about the eye, how it works and some common ophthalmologic illnesses in our patients. 

The year is winding down and I informed the class that we only had one class left before the end of the year, so they needed to turn in all of their monthly reading assignments/summaries if they wanted to get their special prize.  Of course I only have a handful of students (all women) who diligently turn in their homework every month, so everyone else started bellyaching that they didn't know which ones they lacked and since they hadn't come to class on a couple of months, didn't know what the assignments were either.  I listed out the chapters for the year, and told them as I had at the beginning, that if they turn in 8/10 summaries they qualify for the prize.  We'll see who gets busy reading!  I think I'll have a separate prize for my consistent students too. 

I'll leave you with some pictures from the last month.

Walking to clinic in Xepocol - Should be a good corn year here

Clinic in Macztul VI

PA Intern Elaine learning some dental in Mactzul VI with Marcos

These 2 sweet girls are come Mactzul VI and are both deaf; however, the older one is going to school and doing better than some of the other students!  They are the daughters of one of the young leader families in Mactzul VI. 

PA Intern Elaine and Lisa photo op

Our new place to get some great breakfast from time to time. 

Highway obstacles - These guys were in the lead of a bike race up the mountain.

ABC girls from Mactzul II entertaining themselves while waiting of dental services at Caris.  Here they are making little nests with little seeds representing bird eggs.  See below.  Pretty cute!

Passing the time.

Promoter Class small group presentations

Enrique and Manuel having some fun.

Teresa explaining the results of their investigation.

Volunteer promoter and ABC Coordinator Tomas and his children Dora (Dori) and William

ABC Moms and grandma (middle) paciently waiting while the children are seen by Marcos

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