Saturday, October 29, 2011

It's been such a nice week weather-wise, since the sun came out.  The mornings have been quite cool for this time of year--50 degrees, but by mid-morning we are warmed up.  You forget how good sunlight is for your mental health! 
This week has been good with some interesting patients to share with our intern Allison Smith.  She got to see a good number of diabetics, and on the last day, we saw a man who had a bad diabetic foot, apparently not improving after amputating 3 toes.  We told him he would most likely have to amputate further up the leg and he was not keen on that idea.  He said the national hospital had told him the same thing.  He is a Christian, and we prayed for healing and for wisdom. 
Kemmel went to the doctor last week for his torn rotator cuff, and was advised to try physical therapy for 4-6 weeks, but also was restricted on driving and lifting.  We are grateful that he doen't have to have surgery yet, but bummed that he will be out of commission for  a while.  Thankfully, our local phyical therapist, Jennifer Hoines is here to help out--without her, we would be stuck with going to the capital for therapy.
We've also been busy with education this month.  Sheri has been traveling around talking in the schools about hygeine and de-worming the kids, hosting diabetic education classes and giving health talks to the ABC programs in local churches.  This next year we are looking to implement not only our child nutrition program, starting with the prenatal women, but also develop sex education classes for the ABC kids.  The challenge is always finding appropriate materials to put together and then to translate based on level of education.  But we are up to the challenge!
Next week we host a group that will be going out to clinics with us and giving a children's bible program.  We spent the day today packing supplies/medicines for a third clinic team and counted gobs of extra pills--we are ready! This is  a holiday weekend for us so we will get a good rest in before we hit the road running. Happy All Saint's Day everyone!

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