Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Great Happenings

We have had a great couple of weeks.  Of the great happenings, one is an ABC child named Jose Yonathan, also know as Chepe, from Mactzul V.  Jose is a special needs child with some learning disabilities, behavior problems and motor skills issues, but thanks to another ministry in town named ASELSI, he has the ability to go to school and get physical therapy assistance.  As he hangs out with us quite often in 2 of our clinics, we can see a vast improvement in his abilities and behavior.  Chepe is in the Little Lambs school and here is a link to a video of him having fun with the morning song.


Also, of note is the men's leadership seminar that was held in Paxot II on I Timothy.  The seminar was lead by Goyo, a minister in North Carolina orginally from Venezuela.  We had 22 churches represented and 60 different ministers who participated in the seminar which included small group discussions.  We were pleased that some of our staff participated in the seminar while the rest of the team kept the clinics running. 

Goyo is the minister of a spanish church in North Carolina and we hope to make plans for a spanish speaking group to come and focus on teaching children's ministry methods to the local churches.  Many churches either do not have children's classes or they have one class for all children ages 5-12, and the teenagers attend general assembly.

A few of these men traveled from as far as 5 hours away via public transportation and dedicated 3 days to the seminar.  Guatemala is blessed with dedicated men who want to lead their churches.

Here are some of the pictures.

 Gettin warm by the fire!

 Small group discussion

The wonderful women dedicated to cooking for the group.

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