Thursday, June 16, 2011

Week in Review

This last weekend we got to go to Austin, Texas to celebrate the wedding of Kemmel's brother Ron.  It was a quick trip, and we were not planning on going, but we really wanted to be with family and get to know his wife Regina.  We really had a great time and also got to spend a day and a morning walking around the downtown trails and the UT campus as well as go swimming in a local swim hole and eat yummy food!  We made the most of our time and our one-day city bus pass for sure!

When we got home, we and Sheri hosted the students over for hamburgers. They all seemed to be doing well with most GI upset behind them...... I joked that I'm always afraid that they'll eat at our house and get sick... sure enough we got a call in the wee hours from one to-remain-unnamed student, that she not feeling at her best so to speak.  Surely it wasn't our food??!!

Today, everyone headed out to their regularly scheduled work.  Kemmel worked on plans for the July mobile team  (50 people!!), our pharmacy orders and banking errands and even took time to buy us all some fried chicken for lunch out at the central clinic.  Ruben and Josefina and Sheri and Marcos and I worked the clinics with our students helping us with labs and patient flow--so nice to have apprentices!

After clinic, Gaspar and Martina and I went on a home visit to see a 36 year-old man with a mass on his head. He has a tumor growing out of his skull, obviously growing from the inside as his headache began months before his tumor was visible and has gone blind and started having seizures over the last two months.  We were all pretty affected by his situation and prayed with him asking God to heal him or at least relieve his pain. The chances of curing this are slim;  even if he could afford to find out the specific diagnosis, it would take more money than any of us have to pay for the treatments in Guatemala City, should it be treatable.  He is a Christian so we encouraged him to continue praying and to talk to his young children about his faith and hope for eternal life.  We will soon know what God's plan is for him--be praying for comfort and unity in faith for his family.

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