Friday, June 3, 2011

It's been a good week.  We have been busy in clinics, giving us a good chance to involve the students.  They are getting really good at vital signs and especially height of weight of squirming kids.  Sheri and I also had a couple of days each to work on education materials--Sheri on her diabetic class series and  for next week's school visit with anti-parasite meds for the kids.  I have been preparing a class on the anatomy and physiology and illnesses of the skin.  (Did you know, by the way,  that a single hair on our head grows 1 cm per month usually only for 6 years and then falls out--that's a maximum of 72 cm long--interesting).
Kemmel has been tackling the pharmacy inventory and ordering and today got stuck with car repairs--the Toyota truck needs a new clutch--bummer.

Today, we had clinic in Choacaman and the host family there gifted us some fresh greens from their fields.  It's kind of like poke weed--yummy, espeically sauteed, on pizza!  I asked what they were called in Kiche and they said "rax ichaj" --greens. 

After clinic we all came back to Caris clinic for a surprise birthday snack for Dr. Josefina.
Sheri brought cake and ice cream for everyone and we all enjoyed the time together.  Thanks, Sheri!  The local custom is for the birthday person to take a big bite out of the cake--we opted for the hygienic version...

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