Monday, June 20, 2011

Public Health

Today was an exercise in public health work for us and the students. We have received a sizeable number of antiparasitic meds for preventive use and decided to offer them to the local schools in the communities where we have clinic. Today was Mactzul I and we decided to take the Sheri's hygeine talk to each class. At first they said there were 7 classes (K-6th) but we realized that 2nd and 3rd grade each had two sections. But it all worked out well. Sheri and Juan and Phillip did a great job talking about hand washing and the perils of bacteria. The teachers and director of the school were very supportive and hospitable--even sharing their mid-morning snack of animal crackers and hot cereal with us. It was a good way to practice our teaching skills on the different age groups.

 Getting into character--"Dirty Felipe"--Phillip and Sheri working on just the right look.

 Captive kindergarten audience--as Sheri said, "were we ever this little?"

Attentive 3rd graders--and MET students Lindsey and Becca!

 These two had patio-mopping duty, but it didn't keep them from having fun!

 "How many want to have good health?"

 The de-worming brigade--Mara and Dra. Lisa.....

 ...Michaela and Elizabeth handing out the chalk-flavored tablets--yum.

 Space is at a premium in these classrooms--"where 3 fit, 4 fit"

Lesson learned!


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Kemmel and Lisa Dunham said...

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