Monday, June 27, 2011

We just finished a six-week period with our Medical Evangelism Training students which is always an introspective time for us, inspiring us to evaluate our own work and evangelistic efforts.  It's humbling to be the ones teaching people to work in medical evangelism. 
One the successes side we see the clinics running well and the recent addition of a young doctor going smoothly.  We hear patients say that they come to our clinics because they recognize that God is working there--something that is encouraging to all of us.  The churches are still growing, and maturing.  This year our plans didn't work out to sponsor a women's seminar with the churches.  But, we found out that the church in Paxot II decided to host a small one, inviting a local young lady who has been studying at a Bible Institute in the city, to come and give some classes.  This is a great step forward, especially since four years ago there wasn't even a women's class meeting.
But, there is always room for improvement. We want to grow into new areas, especially areas with potential for church planting.  This of course requires the involvement of near-by churches who would be interested in evangelizing the new towns.   So, we are praying for God's guidance, planting ideas with our partner churches and always looking for opportunities to talk to others about their relationship with Him, forgiveness of sins and the gift of life after death. 
Be praying for the ministry here, and thanks to all of you who always support our work. There are many souls to rescue still!

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