Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Maltiox chawe***Gracias***Thank you

Our staff and visiting teams have delivered 160 water filters to ABC famlies here in the Quiche area. In addition we've made follow up home visits to 3 of the communities with nothing but good reports from the families.  A couple of weeks ago we were looking through the letters that the ABC kids write to their sponsors (that's not really snooping if they aren't in an envelope is it?)  and thought you would enjoy some of the comments made about the water filters they received.  It really makes you take inventory and appreciate the things that God blesses you with.  Thank you to all who contributed to this project.

"I have never had pure drinking water before in my home, but now I drink 3-4 glasses a day."  Cristina

"I take my water bottle to school every day filled with clean drinking water."  Candelaria

"Thanks especially for the water filter."  Lots of kids said that.

"I drink water everyday after school with my family which is very nice right now as it is the hotter season with lots of sun." Delmi

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