Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Last week we hosted a couple from Searcy Arkansas--Klay and Lisa Bartee. Klay gave a two day seminar on marriage and family counseling for local church leaders. Despite some deep subject matter, the attendees enjoyed the time together and working through concepts that will help them in their roles as couselors. Klay's wife Lisa, a nurse, joined me (Lisa) in clinic on Saturday, which was a great help, allowing us to send Gaspar  (one of my team's health promoters) to the seminar.  Our local congregation in Chichicastenango hosted the seminar and were generous to provide cooks and even extra goodies for break time.

On Saturday night we enjoyed dinner out at Los Cofrades after following the procession of Jesus of Nazareth through town.
We tried to hang around to see the procession come back to the church and walk over the sawdust carpet, but they were a ways out still.

Sunday, we drove the Bartees to Clinica Ezell on the coast, stopping at our favorite Lake Atitlan overlook. 
Usually we use the bathroom facilities at the nearby reastaurant, but they were closed.  A man close by overheard us and offered to let us use his house.  I must say, I'm not sure I would offer a perfect stranger off the street the use of my bathroom (at least not without a quick tidying up), but he assured us it was fine and led us through his living room, kitchen and back to the washroom.  Thanks for the hospitality Samuel--someday you will entertain angels!

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