Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A couple of cases from this week.

Yesterday in Chutzerob a 10 y.o. girl came in complaining of 3 days of lingering headche and episodes of vomiting after falling along the side of the road--avoiding getting run over by a motorcycle.  She had scratches on her face, but on further exam she had a palpable skull frature as well.  Her mom was agreeable to take her to the hospital, but reported that her husband was out of town and wouldn't get home til later in the evening. This of course meant that they would have to wait.  Our volunteer from the church, Sebastian, also an elder in the church offered to talk with dad that night and let him know that we were worried. Be praying for her and her family to make a good decision.

One our diabetics came in today with blood sugars looking better than they had in a while.  Being the week after Holy Week (when everyone is eating specially prepared breads covered in honey) I expected the worst.  She was excited to see her results and joked that she just needed a little honey in her system to get things straight.  She told me she wasn't taking her pain medicine any more because the knee pain had resolved, but that she was faithfully taking the diabetic meds and following her diet.  After reviewing her meds with her, we realized that in fact she had confused her meds and was actually taking the pain meds twice a day and no longer taking her diabetes meds....Yikes!  I sorted out the meds for her and congratulated her on geting her diet so well controlled, rewarding her with a lowered dose of meds. 

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