Saturday, April 23, 2011

Holy Week Road Trip

We have spent Semana Santa (Holy Week) doing a hodge podge of jobs seeing patients and doing administrative catching up.  Since we scheduled to take off a different week for our vacation, we decided to keep our Monday clinic open at Clinica Caris and also help out with post op patients down at Clinica Ezell. Sheri was with us, so we took advantage of the time to go through our work calendar and make plans for education projects.  We also jumped on the opportunity to have Pizza Hut and McDonald's!   Post op clinic was busy, but pretty straightforward with good outcomes for all the patients.  Sheri and I saw all the gyn patients while Dr. Davd Lux and did the general surgery follow ups. Everyone was so grateful for their surgery and the wonderful care they received from our surgery team, and praising God for his healing. 

Thursday, we headed out to the Annual National Conference of the churches of Christ. They were being held in San Basilio, about 45 minutes from Ezell. We were a little skeptical, as it is a small town in the middle of a rubber tree plantation (that spells H-O-T!).  But the church there did a great job setting up a tent site to seat 4000 people in the middle of their town's soccer field.  The clouds had also rolled in, so it wasn't too bad once the breeze kicked up.  There were about 3500 people while we were there--from all over Guatemala.  It was fun to meet and greet people we hadn't seen since last year.  They announced that 30 people had been baptized over a day and half, so we expect several more were added by the end of Friday's services--Praise God! 

Our little road trip was a nice break from the routine and a great view of the abundant beauty in this country.
We are at the end of the dry season now with several  big rains under our belt down on the coast and the start of rain up in the highlands.  It's such a relief from the thick, hot dusty air and the building barometric pressure.  On the coast the big tropical plants are lush and green and the frogs are out every night serenading you to sleep.  In the mountains, the wet pine forrest scents fills the air and put everyone in a good mood.  What a blessing to see tesimony of the resurrection in God's creation every year.

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