Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We spent the weekend in the city, enjoying a movie and a little shopping.  Yesterday was Sheri's birthday, so we picked up some ribs and cheesecake to celebrate.  Despite keeping the ribs in our thermal bag, we smelled them the whole way back, together with the several pounds of coffee we bought to take back to the States next month.  Despite the continued road hazards from the mudslides in May, we made it in good time and enjoyed a great dessert and dinner together (in that order).  The cheesecake was begging for some coffee company, so we decided for the dessert-first route to avoid insomnia.  (Although the obvious alternative would be to drink decaf coffee at night, there are really no good options here--so we go for the fully caffeinated variety--before 6:00 pm).  We savored our meal while listening to 2 inches of rain falling and catching up on Sheri's week with the plastic surgery team.  It was a good night.
Happy Birthday, Sheri.  You are a blessing to the work here and to us!

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Sheri said...

Kemmel and Lisa, thank you very much! I had a great evening!