Friday, August 6, 2010

Adventures everywhere today

We have had quite a bit of rain again and has rained about 5 inches over the last 3 days mainly just in the evenings and through the night.  This made for an interesting day today for all of our teams.  

It started out with thinking about how to get to Mactzul 5, as we quickly discovered that 2 roads leading to Mactzul 5 were out due to damage, which meant we have to change plans on how to get there and call Gaspar and Juan to come to Chichi instead of picking them up on the way.  So Lisa, Gaspar and Juan got to take the long way around.  Would have been quicker for Juan to walk from his house to Mactzul 5.     

Josefina, Marcos, Sheri, Manuel, Tomas, Martina, and Mauri headed out for Chuchuca in the mountains over Zacualpa. Manuel made it from Paxot to Chichi early to pick up Sheri, but then about 30 minutes after he passed through a mud slide closed the pass leaving Gaspar and Juan only be able to travel about 90% of the way to Chichi and then walking to an spot Lisa could pick them up.  For the Chuchuca team we thought the trip up the mountain would not be a problem but actually getting to the church would be , so not that bad.  Well, the road up was covered in mud with 6 areas about 20 meters long with 2 feet of mud.  The team was tough and trudged through having to get out an play in the mud a few times to make it all of the way through.  They eventually made it to Chuchuca to hold an ABC clinic and a community clinic.  We decided to skip lunch and get out of dodge before rain came back, which they were able to do.  All are home and safe now and it is raining in Chuchuca again.  Tomorrow we were scheduled for an ABC clinic in Xejox in the same area but cancelled as with more rain it will just get worse.

I (Kemmel) headed to Mactzul 3 on the only open road--sufice to say a normally 45 minute drive turned into 1.5 hour drive in the Suzuki Jeep.  I ran into more mud slides along the way and unfortunatey landed in a mud pit and had a hard time getting out, but after 30 minutes of digging out I made it through and to the Mactzul 3 Church of Christ where we are helping finish up the latrines. 

On other news more great news from the local churches which are continuing to see growth with Chuchipaca celebrating 9 baptisms of a family and a few young people, Paxot II with 3 new families, Choacaman with 2 new families, Chichi with 1 new member and I am sure others we have not heard about.  Please continue to pray that God will continue to use the ministry and the church to grow His kingdom and that we will be willing and will find oppurtunities to help people meet their needs.  

Unfortunately no pics but maybe Sheri will have some on her blog later.

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