Monday, May 24, 2010

Ready to Roll

After finishing up a good weekend of missiology training with Roger McKown we are ready to get out to the two communities that will be hosting our teams of students. I think everyone is a little nervous about meeting their families (as are the families!), but it will be a good day tomorrow. We still remember when we had the same experience, trying to communicate in a very foreign language, and not really knowing what to expect. Besides the differences in food and language and the use of outhouses, there is also the difference in family units, lack of privacy and lack of personal space to name a few things. Despite all this, they will gain an understanding of how to get to know people from other cultures, how to appreciate and respect other world views, and hopefully gain some skills that sharpen their abilities as evangelists wherever they are.

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momandlucy said...

Thank you for taking care of my daughter, Kate. She sounds great from the emails we receive!