Sunday, May 30, 2010

It stopped raining

We are thankful that all of our staff and interns are fine this morning. There are many roads blocked and bridges out from the mudslides and flooding. But thanks to God the rain has stopped. Keep Guatemala in your prayers as there will be much work to be done.

We have spoken with some contacts this morning and in the local area roads to most of our clinics locations are blocked by mudslides, including Paxot 2. The roads will most likely start be cleared today. The interns are safe in Paxot 2 with their host families and will be fine during the next day or so as they have plenty fo supplies in the area.

We will continue to make contacts throughout the day to check on many of the other clinic sites and churches that we partner with.

Access to Chichi is now limited as well as it appears the bridge at the bottom of the valley, El Molino, has been washed out. This is the highway to and from Guatemala City. We are about to head up to Chichi and see what we can find out.


momandlucy said...

Thank you for the posts. i am one of those goofy moms that worries about my baby. If you see Kate, hug her for me. i feel better when I hear things are fine.

momandlucy said...

Mom and Lucy are Kim Huggins and Kate's dog Lucy fyi.

Teresa Hancock said...

Thank you so much for the updates. We were wondering about any volcanic impact on the clinic areas. Give my Caleb a hug!!

Charlotte said...

Thanks for reassurance. Hope Carrie Elizabeth is doing okay. Kisses and hugs to her. From mom.