Sunday, May 23, 2010


Our Medical Evangelism Training team is here. We drove down to Ezell clinic yesterday to join them for their missiology training. They are a great team of students and we look forward to spending the month with them. Here is a great picture of everybody under a ceiba tree, the national tree of Guatemala--kind of like the big tree on Avatar. The students seem so young, but we realized that we were in their place 20 years ago.

(Back row l-r)Michelle, Nate, Jay, Kate, Garrett, Caleb, (front row l-r) Andrea, Carrie, Andrea, Amy, Amanda and Sarah

Canopy of the Ceiba tree--this picture doesn't do justice to the splendor of this organism.

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Dixie said...

That IS like the Avatar tree! I never knew there was something so similar in real life! How cool!