Saturday, May 29, 2010

6pm Here and Raining

Well it is still raining here. We are up to 10 inches since Wednesday which is quite a bit for around here. We wanted to let all of the MET parents know that all is well and the students are tucked away with their families in their homes. Also, just so everyone knows we are far away both in Chichicastenango and in Montellano from any volcano activity so no worries there.

We had a good second day of women's health clinic today. We started the day thinking no one would come as we received one call from a couple of ladies that said they would not make it due to the rain but we had 9 patients which is much better than expected.

Our friend, Roger McKown, was to fly out today but all planes are grounded until Tuesday due to the volcano activity and also the rains, so time to huncker down and enjoy the time.

We do not know what will happen next week with clinics so we will wait and see. The roads are starting to get difficult around the more rural areas, but everyone is stocked up on corn and beans and chickens.

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