Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Feasting

While down at Clinica Ezell for our staff meeting, sweating in the hot coastal plane we were surprised with a great Thanksgiving meal of turkey, ham, mashed sweet potatoes, green beans and bread. Neva and I helped with the dessert--apple crisp. It was a really nice evening sharing good food with our 40+ teammates from the coastal and highlands areas. We were able to get ahold of all of our family back home, which was great. Here's a few good shots.
Looking alert at the beginning of the meeting--before the heat worked it's sedative magic.
Unloading the bikes for the 1st place winners in the ABC child sponsorship program.
Turkey and trimmings served by Carlos, Ana and Danny.
Ruben and Alfredo digging in.

Hungry customers, Marta, Neva, Manuela, Nidia, Gaspar and Tomas. I think there was some concern about the lack of tortillas at the Thanksgiving feast. But everyone got plenty of other goodies to eat.

The HELPS International plant where the smokeless stoves are fabricated.

After the meeting finished on Friday, we headed back to God's Country, stopping at the smokeless stove factory to pick up some orders. We nearly perished from the heat, but finally got all of the stoves and water filters loaded up. As we got to the highway junction taking us to Quiche, we saw about 4 police pick-ups parked on the side of the road and the cops milling around. We didn't see anything going on but it looked suspicious. But we kept on going and about 10 Km later, there was a VERY LONG line of cars stopped on the road. There was a protest by the Ministry of Health workers who decided to close the outpatient consults because the government ran out of funds to pay their salaries/bonuses. (Nothing like Universal Health Care!). Anyway, an hour later, the the highway opened up and we were on our way again. It was good to be home. We made a pumpkin pie today to make the holiday official!
Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend.

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