Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November Medical Team

Each year we host two moblile medical/dental teams here in Chichicastenango. Our November team is primarily made up of brothers and sisters from the Memorial Road Church of Christ in Edmond, OK. But we had additional team members from New York, Tennessee and Texas and Guatemala. It was a great 3 days of hard work in both medical and dental clinics.

Despite the 3 days and nights of rain from hurricane/tropical storm Ida, we had patients in all sites. The rain made for very slow going down the muddy adobe roads. Our rented minivan barely made it to Xepocol, so Kemmel took his half of the team back the long way hoping for and easier descent. They made it back 3 hours later, after getting behind a stuck semi-truck (already on the paved highway!). Thankfully we found better roads to travel the next few days and the rain finally let up on Sunday--as the team was heading home!

Quiche-to-Spanish-to-English-to-Spanish-to-Quiche........Mary and Gaspar helping Dra. Barb Slee in the all-important tranlator role! Amber with her back to the camera getting a blood sugar on this patient.

My friend from medical school/residency Dra. Lesca Hadley

Drug pushers Juan and Gaymarie. Looks like Dr. Brandon Burger is supervising the situation.
Mike Herndon, Jon Nickerson, and Sandy Ferguson readying the dental area.
The sick and afflicted patiently waiting their turn

Dr. David Batres and Ashley Anderson attending their dental patient.
The thing we really enjoy is the fellowship with friends we have made from year's past and new friends as well. This is definitely one of the fringe benefits of this job--getting to know so many Christians here on this earth. It makes us think about what it will be like in heaven as we all reunite together with God. We also enjoy the little gifts everyone brings us. This time canned pumpkin and cranberry sauce! Thanks to Sandy and Donna and Robert for the goodies! And to Barbara for the magazines! You guys know how to spoil us!
We saw over 500 patients in 3 days, but more importantly we worked together with brethren from the local churches to treat physical illness, listen to and pray for peoples' family problems and worries, and invite them to know God's will for them. It was a great trip!

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