Monday, November 30, 2009

Tent Meeting

Well, church conference season being in full swing as it is, Glenn and Neva and we spent the day in Xepocol with probably over 700 people listening to good preaching and singing praises together. This was the first conference that the folks in Xepocol have hosted, and they did a great job. It was impressive to see how many people they could get under the tents and out of the sun. The food was delicious--a freshly butchered bull made into a spicy stew with rice and tamalitos. The only thing they forgot was forks! But the tamalitos served well for grabbing up food. And there were plenty of napkins to go around.
The sermons were on the story of the rich man and Lazarus and the reality of heaven and hell; and also encouragement to the "youth" to serve God with the abundance of strength, intelligence we have in the prime of our years.
I didn't get a good picture of the famous hill in this town where people still go to make offerings to the spirits and ancestors. But as we drove up a neighboring hill to the tent meeting it was great to think about the mass of people gathered to worship and praise God. 30 years ago, there were very few Christians in this area. Today, not only were there Christians from more than 10 nearby towns, but the church also invited the town leaders to the worship service.

Belinda and Jason--two little cousins from Paxot II enjoying the conference.

Me with Belinda's little sister Gabriella. Belinda is taking this picture of us. I didn't have time to put my serious Guatemala face on!

The view in Xepocol is breathtaking. They can see for miles in all directions.

They moved the letrines, and I couldn't resist getting a new outhouse shot!

Anastacio Alvarez giving a great lesson--what we understood of it. He spoke almost completely in K'iche'.

I only see one person alseep in this photo--and no she didn't just blink. I have two shots within seconds and she is the only one with her eyes closed in both.

Gaspar and his dad Pedro thanking everyone for coming out for the day.


Anna said...

Good pictures!

Mo&We said...

Hi Loves,
I am always amazed at all you are blessed to witness and to be a part of. Thanks for keeping up the blog so faithfully so we can be part of your lives in Guatemala. We always enjoy seeing the pictures especially when you are in them. Love, Mama