Thursday, February 19, 2009

Patient Satisfaction

Everyone knows that you can't please all the people all the time, but you can please some of the people some of the time.
Thursday is fun for us because we share the clinic with our dentist partner, Marcos Lux. Today one of his patient's family members came for a dental cleaning with Gaspar and said he was so grateful for the care his mother had received from Dr. Marcos. She had had a fibroma (soft tissue tumor) growing on her gum from irritation and had grown to the point that she couldn't close her mouth well or eat. She had consulted with other doctors and said they were going to charge 5-10 times as much and she couldn't afford to get it done. So, he removed the tumor and repaired the defect and pathology came back benign. She will be coming back soon to be fitted for dentures.

One of my patients, a 30 year old guy, came in limping, and I assumed he had injured himself. But he quickly showed me that the problem was in a more delicate area. He was afraid he had a hernia, but it turned out to be an impressive case of epididymitis (look it up). He was relieved to know that he wouldn't need surgery, but hoping for a quick cure. We set him up with antibiotics and pain meds and will see Josefina on Monday. He was also grateful for the prayer and was a happy camper as he limped out of the office today.

Kemmel also had a patient come in for new glasses. We offer eye exam with a focometer and glasses for low cost, and she asked to try them. After he measured the prescription and fitted the lenses to the frames she gave them a try and immediately said, "Wow, that's much better!" (in spanish of course). Since she is a young woman, we were afraid she might not like the style of frames we have, but she was grateful for the glasses and her husband liked them too!

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Mo&We said...

Isn't it great that you can help these people and give them hope; Thanks be to the Father for your talents and love.
Love, Mama