Tuesday, February 17, 2009


We (Kemmel, Sheri and I) have been spending time the last few weeks working on a proposal for a community development and patient education program for our area. We could really use your prayers in this, as we are not trained educators. There are a lot of really good approaches to this that we have seen done by other groups around the world(http://www.jamkhed.org/ http://www.lifewind.org/ ), and we are busy examining and putting together ideas that are suited to our population. Our tactic is centered around reproducible, simple lessons to teach our staff, our volunteer health promoters and eventually lay people in the towns about basic preventive medicine. Our thought has been to target the women in the communities, because the vast majority of women still work in the home and would have time to get out and check on other women in the area or team up to do home visits. The advantage is that there are so many opportunities to teach about prenatal care, infant care, nutrition and so on, including evangelistic opportunities. And women are already the caregivers and the ones you go to for healing. The disadvantage is that these same capable, hard working women are for the most part all illiterate. This really limits a lot of the pre-printed/pre-translated material we have come across and will be a hurdle for us to have to jump. But, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, and we have faith that God will guide us in this work as he has to this point. There are so many doors opening and people asking for educational talks for churches, women's groups, youth groups, and the ABC programs in the churches. So, we are really excited about this and will be busy doing our homework as you keep us in prayer.

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Mo&We said...

You are always in our prayers, and this new "Homework" will go to the top of my prayer list. What a great idea - maybe you could combine it with an ENGLISH (OR Spanish) AS A SECOND LANGUAGE type program and kill two birds with one stone. Love, Mama