Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our Baby's Growing Up!

We can only imagine what it's like to see your kids grow up and be productive citizens with skills and gifts of their own. But we see our work here as our family, and we got little taste of that pride today while talking to Gaspar Chan, one of our health promoters. He was telling us about a health talk (more like seminar) he gave at the church on Saturday over preventive dental care. He was so excited because this something he programmed on his own and devised all of the props himself. He said there was a full house and everyone was very interested in the topic and asked questions and participated willingly. They even asked to have a special day set up just to do dental cleanings (can you imagine?). So the we scheduled a big teeth-cleaning day for March 10--call for your appointment now! Then today in clinic in the same town, one of the volunteers helping me translate made a comment to a mother about her child's cavities and how she should cut down on the amount of candies she lets him have in order to prevent more cavities! What a great day to see other team members getting excited and involved in patient education and preventive health!!!!!
We are in the midst of developing an in-depth community education program with the eventual goal of training volunteers in the towns to carry the lessons to their neighbors. We are starting to see groups of people asking for information and health talks for their churches and towns, so we see doors opening wide for this type of program. Be in prayer for us all as we begin to develop educational materials and lessons.

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Mo&We said...

Yay for Gaspar. That will be such a help to the people of Guatemala. It was sad to see so many with ruined teeth which education and care could have prevented. I can see why you are feeling excited and proud. Good Work! Love, Mama